TRP Clutches & Clutch Components

TRP Launches Clutches and Clutch Components for All Make of Medium- to Heavy-Duty Trucks

RENTON, Wash., Feb. 9, 2010 — TRP(TM) Aftermarket Parts is introducing a complete line of high-quality clutches and clutch system components for use in all makes of medium-duty to heavy-duty trucks.
“TRP offers clutches designed with minimal resistance to make shifting easy and less fatiguing over the course of a day of driving,” said Everett Seymoure, global manager for TRP. “Manufactured in North America to TRP’s rigorous specifications using quality materials, TRP clutches are backed by an 18-month, industry-leading warranty.”  
TRP offers the Easy Effort, a heavy duty coil-spring clutch with nine springs — six coil springs inside the casting with three assist springs, for higher torque engines.
Also in the new TRP product line-up is the Soft Pedal diaphragm-style clutch. It features a lower bearing load and reduces pedal effort when compared to angle spring designed products.  
“The Easy Effort and Soft Pedal both provide drivers smooth release and reduces pedal effort by 30 percent, making driving less strenuous,” said Seymoure.
TRP clutches for heavy-duty trucks are available in 14-inch and 15.5-inch versions. The 15.5-inch version of the spring-coil Easy Effort clutch features a strap design for smooth transfer of energy. It also comes with a 5/8-inch socket adjuster, which allows technicians to quickly and simply adjust the clutch.
The more economical option for older model vehicles is the Angle Spring Clutch and for medium duty trucks, TRP offers standard and stamped steel one-plate and two-plate clutches for single-disc and two-disc applications.
Standard TRP clutches are manufactured with ceramic facing friction material, similar to commonly specified OEM parts on new trucks. TRP clutches made with Kevlar material are also available for vocational trucks, such as log haulers, refuse haulers, dump and cement trucks that frequently roll back and forth.
“Because no other clutch program offers the breadth of products that TRP offers, TRP authorized dealers are sure to have the clutch that will meet the needs of truck operators, regardless of application,” Seymoure said. “TRP also provides a full range of clutch system components, such as clutch brakes, flywheel pilot bearings and flywheel and bell housing parts.
“60 percent of clutch replacements are performed because a system component other than the clutch itself failed,” he said. “So, TRP authorized dealers can help truck operators look beyond the clutch for the source of any issues. Participating TRP dealers also offer periodic clinics to help truck fleet technicians learn techniques for maximizing replacement clutch life through correct diagnosis, installation and routine adjustments.”
TRP Aftermarket Parts
TRP Aftermarket Parts for commercial vehicles are available through a network of authorized retailers that include Kenworth, Peterbilt, and DAF dealerships around the world. From dump trucks to cement mixers, delivery vans to tractor trailers, school buses to transit buses, TRP offers reliable aftermarket products that are designed and tested to exceed customers’ expectations regardless of the vehicle make, model or age.  For more information, visit

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