Volvo Trucks’ Remote Diagnostics Maximizes Vehicle Uptime by Keeping Customers Connected

“Remote Diagnostics maximizes vehicle uptime by reaching far beyond proactive diagnostics to deliver total connectivity among the vehicle, Volvo and the decision-makers responsible for maintenance,” said Stephen Roy, Volvo Trucks senior vice president, aftermarket and soft products. “As part of our integrated business solution, Volvo Trucks Support Services, and bundled under Connected Vehicle services, Remote Diagnostics leverages Volvo’s support network and service management tools to rapidly address service issues before they occur.”

Volvo was the first North American truck manufacturer to deliver a telematics solution, offering fleet management tools in 2002. Today, Volvo’s Remote Diagnostics provides proactive diagnostic and repair planning assistance with detailed analysis of critical diagnostic trouble codes. The remote communication platform facilitates live dealer and customer communication through Volvo Action Service, Volvo’s 24/7 support team. Proactive diagnostics streamline service procedures with confirmation of parts on-hand before a truck arrives at a service location, increasing uptime.

Remote Diagnostics also provides service case communication and documentation among Volvo Action Service, dealers and customers through ASIST, Volvo’s innovative web-based service management tool, which comes free of charge for two years with the purchase of all new Volvo trucks.

For nearly a year, Volvo field-tested Remote Diagnostics with motor carriers in the U.S. and Canada, drawing on the feedback from 15 unique customers operating more than 1,300 Volvo VNs with the service.

“With Volvo’s Remote Diagnostics, I know the vehicle’s issue before it arrives at our terminal, so I can ensure the parts and mechanics are prepared to get the vehicle back on the road, delivering freight on time to our customers,” said Joseph Egan, Sr., director of maintenance at Abilene Motor Express, based in Richmond, Va., which has long-haul, LTL and regional freight operations.

“The Remote Diagnostics service has really helped with vehicle uptime,” said Bryan Burningham, director of maintenance at Challenger Motor Freight. “It’s much easier to manage events with the service communication tool because it provides a very good data trail so we know what we’re working on, what we’ve done and when we expect it will be done.” Cambridge, Ontario-based Challenger is a predominantly long-haul fleet operating in Canada and the United States.

“Industry-leading fuel efficiency, safety and comfort are often the most influential factors driving the initial purchase of Volvo trucks, but it’s the entire ownership experience that shapes how customers view our products,” said Ron Huibers, president, Volvo Trucks North American Sales & Marketing. “Remote Diagnostics raises the bar to a whole new level in terms of what we can deliver to help keep our customers on the road moving freight.”

Remote Diagnostics is the first service being offered under the new Connected Vehicle Services category of the Volvo Trucks Support Services bundled aftermarket offering. Previously launched categories include:

Service Management
Beginning Jan. 1, 2012, Volvo Trucks offers ASIST at no charge with all new truck purchases. ASIST lets customers receive electronic estimates, approve repairs and issue a purchase order, regardless of the vehicle’s location. The online tool allows the customer to monitor vehicle status online, communicate directly with the dealer and maintain an
electronic “file cabinet” of service activities. Consolidating all maintenance events and communication in one powerful web-based tool also eliminates invoice and repair surprises.

Parts Purchasing
Volvo customers can order parts online through their local dealer. The online portal provides 24/7 access to parts availability and pricing from the local Volvo dealer.  Customers can also receive nationwide credit access at all Volvo Trucks dealer locations in the U.S. and Canada through a charge card program.

Fleet Services
Volvo Trucks Support Services offers 24/7 roadside assistance through Volvo Action Services and full contract maintenance services and a variety of leasing and rental program options.

Volvo Trucks' Remote Diagnostics



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